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any advice welcomed


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Jul 5, 2006
mum is in a residential home for 6 months now. 3 weeks ago she had a fall and cut her head which was stiched at A&E. this week she has had 2 falls and ut her head again both treated at A&E. The Dr there said she had irregular heart and prescribed digoxin and aspirin. last night i got a call to say she had fallen again. before she went into the home she was fully mobile but had started to shuffle. has anybody else any experience of this and/or what can be done. the home say we might have to move her to a nursing home to get more care but i wonder if something is wrong to make her keep falling? the only plus point is that she never remembers her distress/fall. but it must be having some effect on her. thank you, maudie.


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Sep 24, 2007
Hi Maudie
Sorry to hear about your mum does she have vascular dementia. You didn;t say only my dad has an irregular heartbeat is on digoxin and aspirin he was ok for years then started to lean backwards when walking and then developed memory loss it then resulted in falls and unsteadiness. He keeps having snall strokes and is terrible at walking. In fact he can only walk with 2 helpers his balance is to pot. Sounds a bit similar maybe your mum is better in a nursing home where there should be ahigher ration of staff to look after her. We care for dad at home with a lot of support not easy. Keep your chin up we are all in this together the journey
Kind regards


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Jul 5, 2006
Thks for yr reply Angela.
Mum is 83 she doesn't have Vascula dementia. whilst on the web earlier i saw a seat/bed pad with an alarm which is set off when pressure on the pad is released - i.e. when someone starts to get up off the pad. will talk to the home today to see if this could be suitable. but it still doesn't get to the source of the problem. will also ask about getting a dr in. thanks for yr kind words - its an awful situation for us and our loved ones. best wishes, maudie


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Mar 3, 2008
Hello Maudie
There could be lots of reasons for your mums falls, and the irregular heartbeat is just one. Ask the GP to refer her to the falls clinic where she can have a proper assessment. They can check her balance as well as her heart and circulation and offer advice on prevention.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.


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Feb 28, 2008
Macclesfield, Cheshire
:)Ive worked in EP and nursing homes for 20 years now and in my experience there are LOTS of reasons for falls. Has she had her ears checked? Ears control balance, and she could have a viral infection in her inner ear. Also her blood pressure could change rapidly when she gets up to walk (postural hypotension) which causes falls. Is the flooring suitable? Sometimes a slippy floor is un-noticed, or a wooden/carpet flooring can trip someone if they are uneven. Are her slippers or shoes in good condition? They can catch on carpet and certain flooring. Has her blood sugar been checked? Is she eating properly? Has her urine been checked? Her eyesight too? Is she very stiff when she's been sitting awhile? There should be a risk assessment in her care plan for falls, and perhaps a carer should be helping her get up and walk. Does she have a frame or stick, and can she access them at all times? Lots and lots of things there to check for in her situation. I would have a good chat to whomever's in charge. falling is NOT a reason to go into nursing care unless all avenues have been explored. Insist this is done. Be firm.Dont think because they "know" more that they know better than you. :)


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Feb 17, 2006

also what else could be taken into consideration is how mobile do they keep her in the care home

As I was told by the PT in 05 , if I do not keep my mother mobile her legs muscles can became weak, she more likely to have falls and lose the ability to walk , sooner then later .

now 3 years on and with the progression of the disease mum can not walk without Zimmer frame, she finds it very hard getting up , when she been sitting down a lot , she does stand up but if she tried to walk without zimmer Frame she could fall .

She sometime stand up in mid air on her own , saying she going to fall so I tell her don't panic and I get zimmer frame that may not have been near her at the time .

My mother had all checks she find , all they put it down to now is the progression of the disease


I have read on TP that the people with AZ if they not use to Zimmer frame they find it harder to use when they mobility does go from they legs , due to muscle weakness or progression of the disease or what every .

As I was wondering if your could ask the home if they can get her some or does she use on anyway ?

If not and she could use one it could benefit her in her walking , my mother hated it using one but she got use to it and it encourage her to walk so she could exercise her legs , other wise my mother could sit down all day or lay in bed , 3 years on she would not be walking like she still does now with Zimmer frame .
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