any advice please


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Nov 7, 2003
Hello, I have just come across this site and have been reading all your messages. It is good to find somewhere where people can talk to each other and share information and advice.
My mum has had Alzheimers for the last 5 years and has deteriorated a lot in the last six months.
Last week mum had a lot of trouble going to the toilet, which we hadnt experienced b4. It turned out after lots of constipation medication that she had a blockage and was in a lot of pain. On being admitted to hospital she also had to have a cafeter fitted because her bladder was so full. We spent the day in hospital whilst the problems were dealt with, then the cafeter was taken off but she still couldn't go!! She was sent home with another cafeter fitted for a couple of days.
Luckily when this was removed she did eventually go by herself.
Thankfully she has been able to go normally since then.

It seemed at the time that mum had just simply forgotton how to actually go!!!

Has anyone else experienced these problems and if so are they reoccuring?



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May 28, 2003
Hi Mandy
Im so glad you have found us and I hope you continue to find the site useful.
The only experience of relevance that I can call upon is a possible cause for the constipation , that Im sure would have already been questioned in your Mums case, but i bring it to your attention just incase... Iron tablets have an awful possible side effect of bowel binding, hence constipation.
I would suggest that the urine constipation was caused by being unable to, sub consciousley, relax and tighten the muscles in this area due to the bowel constipation and pain that this causes.
As for reoccurance, Im afraid time will only tell unless you do get to the root of the problem.
Good luck
PS As a footnote, lactulose 2 teaspoons a day can help with bowel constipation if on Iron tablets, but do ask your GP or Pharmacist.


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Hi Mandy,
what an awful experience for you!
Besides what Ange said, try to keep up the fluids, I constantly have the kettle on and mum has loads to drink, that keeps things from clogging up I find. Hot drinks, cold drinks, non alcoholic wine, what ever, mum actually likes a glass of water too.
If you keep it looser, it may stop it happening again. Did they test to see if she had a UTI or cystitis as this too can cause a problem?They can't always tell you themselves. If desperate, sometimes if you sit them in a warm bath and encourage them to, they can pass water then. The fluids will also help with the bowel actions, plenty of fibre too in the diet and try to get her to move about a bit at least every hour or so, don't let her sit all day as it doesn't help.
Good luck,


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Nov 7, 2003

Hi Angela,

Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, I agree that the urine problem could have been due to the constipation and we will be aware to look out for that in the future.
Mum doesn't take iron tablets at the moment but she is taking the lactulose and also fibregel which the doc recommended.
We will keep our fingers crossed that this keeps her going!!


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Nov 7, 2003

Hi Sheila,

Thanks very much for your reply.

Thanks for the advice re the fluids. We will make sure that she has plenty to drink in the future! They didn't test for UTI or cystitis, but if it happens again I will mention that thanks and see if they can test for it. Good idea re the warm bath as well. Will keep that in mind for future probs!
Mum goes to the day centre at the moment so is sitting a lot of the time, but we do try and get her out for walks when the weather is ok.

Thanks again.