anxious day today


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Nov 21, 2005
peak district england
dad is to come home today......had difficulty contacting s.s. yesterday so dont know if is in wasnt a couple of days ago.
i spoke to mum a day or two ago and she was busy moving furniture in anticipation of his return home .she has brought a commode downstairs and is going to make a bed up on the sofa if he cannont get upstairs.........this is so not ideal......i need to know what the social services think of this "set-up" a second hand rail is supposed to of been fixed ,but that has not materialised ...i understand the request for that ,was a fortnight ago!
dad can be very stubborn and i fear he wont use the commode and try to get up doesnt bear thinking about......espacially when dad is almost 6 ft and well built and mum is 7 st and 4ft 8"
there is a lot of panic welling up over all of this......i realy hope the powers that be know exactly what they are doing

mum is still on the offensive with my sisters ,so little can be done by them,they are both as anxious as myself.
mum has also gone to her gp to have tests done to prove she is not an will be interesting to get the results of that,though im sure we will only get mums version and not the REAL results........

i am praying that our worries are unfounded........we shall wait and see.
Anne x


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Aug 23, 2005
Dear Boomer

Feeling for you - but you must somehow get Social Services take the strain. Get on the blower and let them know, in as nice a way as possible, that they need to assure you that they know exactly what's going on, and to ensure that all possible help/eyes are in place - and that if things go wrong they need to be accountable.

They should be reassuring you that everything possible is being done - and if/when that's the case, you need to accept that you've done your very best to avoid any horribles - nobody can do more!

Pass the onus to Social Services - and do it now. Ring whatever numbers you have. Don't forget the GP has some responsibility for this as well.