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Feb 15, 2012
Hi, I don't come on here very much even though I think it's amazing I just can't cope but I really would like some feedback from you all. My mum has advanced Alzheimer's she's had it 12 years and is now 72. My dad and I care for her at home. He is 77 and an unbelievable husband and dad. Mum has semantic dementia which means she understands loads but cannot speak except for a few words now and then. She still laughs a lot and we do our best. She is on antibiotics for a bad toe which she knocked when she fell last week. Now she was on antibiotics in the summer of 2019 too and this is the odd part. She has so much more language since she started taking them (So sorry I didn't see the type they were but I will). She is more vocal, alert, positive and just awake! Has anyone else shared this experience? I'm really really taken back today. What could be in antibiotics that has such an incredible reaction? Thanks for your time everyone and please feel free to repost this as it love to hear from anyone.


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Dec 15, 2012
hi @Summers
I wonder whether the antibiotics is somehow taking some of the strain off some areas, as it helps the body fight infection
there are so many odd ups and downs it's just not always clear what's behind them

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