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Anti physchotics


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Aug 29, 2015

My Grandad fell off a ladder in August and ever since has declined rapidly. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in October. He has been on the medication for Alzheimer's. After the first 4 weeks his condition deteriorated. They changed his meds to the patch and over Christmas he has most definitely got worse. Has anyone else noticed a decline once on medication?

It started off where Grandad believed he had an identical house somewhere and was always out looking for it. He would carry a pic of nan as a younger woman and would ask where his young sweetheart was. He accused nan of sending her away.

Since on meds he has become very suspicious..He follows nan everywhere, even to the toilet. He is always accusing her of having an affair and hates her to be on the phone. He had got very aggitated and abusive at times. On a few occasions he had literally gone mad. Shouting in the streets, wanting to knock on doors and find out what's going on.

Today he thought he was at an army camp. He jumped when he saw nan and asked how she had got there.. ( even though she had been in all morning) and has become very unsociable. When I turned up with his great grandchildren who he usually adores- he went upstairs alone and sat reading in the dark with a torch???

I am absolutely devastated. My loving, caring Grandad had been taken over by a complete different personality. I can't really believe how bad his decline has been since starting these meds. Today the nurse suggested anti psychotics. Just the lowest dose. I am really afraid of the side effects. Can anyone share any positives of these types of meds? I have only read bad things.




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May 21, 2014
Yes, dementia meds can not stop the decline, only slow it down, and they do nothing for some people.

Before antipsychotics are used, everything else should be tried first. They have their time and their place but also a lot of side effects and should not be described lightly. A nurse isn't a doctor and should not suggest medication. Make an appointment with a GP to discuss options, and also have him checked for infections, as they can cause a downturn too.