Another setback


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Mar 23, 2006
Jim has been very agitated since the weekend I was called to the NH on saturday because he had hit one of his carers ( his favourite one too) and was threatening another resident. I spent 4 hours with him really just trying to make sure he was OK. Then Sunday he was getting quite agressive shouting and threatening so I stayed with him all afternoon until night staff came on duty.. The staff are very good and had managed to distract him. We were to have had a meeting next Monday to set up one to one care for him as he seems ok if he has someones undivided attention. However I visited him yesterday and the weather was nice so my daughter and I took him out to a local park and we had lunch there when we took him back to the NH he was tired but some of the things he was saying led me to believe that the "nasty" JIm was lurking I did tell the staff this before I left him . At three thirty I had a phone message to say that Jim had got aggressive and threatening with another resident and when the staff tried to intervene he became very angry and was lashing out it took four carers to stop him and he kicked one of them very hard in the chest and hurt her. I called his case manager and the home were in touch with his CPN. I have just had a call to say that they are admitting Jim to Hospital to the mental health assessment unit to try and sort out his medication needs. I have fought really hard not to have this happen but he has become such a danger to staff residents and himself there really is no option they have told me not to visit but ring the ward at tea time to see how he is if they need me they will ring.
Jim still has insight at times and I am so worried that he will be unsettled even more by this and think I have abandoned him.



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Jun 3, 2005
Oh Judith

I'm so sorry.

I know you have been contributing to TP since long before I joined, but I can't recall if Jim has shown signs of sundowning before -
do you think this sporadic & spectacular character change is a symptom of that?:confused:

Best wishes


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Aug 29, 2006
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Dear Judith

I'm so sorry this has happened. You must be so upset that Jim has had to be admitted.

It was pretty inevitable if he was attacking staff, and hopefully a short stay on the ward will enable them to sort out his meds and stabilise him.

I'm surprised they've told you not to visit, though, that's going to be upsetting for both of you. I would ask them how soon you can visit, and explain your doubts.

I hope you get good news soon.



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Mar 23, 2006
thankyou for your replies.
Jim has been sundowning for quite some time now ,these outbursts are not related to sundowning more to the fact that Jim possibly has mixed dementia and they think he has TIA's often these outbursts occur then diminish within a couple of days this time it is slightly different in that it has gone on for four or five days now, also his carers could often tell when Jim's mood was about to change but these recent outbursts have happened without warning.
Hi Hazel.
I rang the ward and Jim was still quite distressed going from floods of tears to shaking his fists at everyone they said he has had something to eat and they have given him something to calm him. I shall go tomorrow afternoon and get an idea of what is going on of Course its Friday tomorrow and we all know the world stops for the week-end ...well it seems to for the social services and health people why is that??
anyway I hope John is ok and thanks again for your concern

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Judith

I thought I posted a reply to you after Lynne but I don`t know what happened to it.

As you know, Dhiren was admitted to a mental health assessment ward. It was a very upsetting experience for all of us.

But his behaviour was modified, and the cause was found to be his diabetic medication, so now he is home. And even though we are still recovering from the ordeal, I have to say he was well cared for.

Dhiren was unsettled and did think he had been abandoned and left to rot. I had tears and temper from him and it was traumatic. I do hope you have the strength to get through this.

I can only hope a solution is found for Jim, and it doesn`t take too long to find it.

Love xx