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Another chapter


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Aug 8, 2012
So today is the day that mum is discharged from the assessment unit at the hospital to a nursing home. She's been there since September since being sectioned from a residential home.

I'm full of doubt because I've been looking for a suitable home only to feel very despondent by what is on offer. So few receive a good CQC report and some of them have just not felt like positive places. This is the best of them but certainly not without some faults. But here we are and the decision is made.

Mum is so thin and vulnerable. At the age of 68 she has aged greatly in the last two years. So unaware of what is happening.

So today I drive her to her new home and likely her last home.

I pray they take care of her, that's all I can ask.


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Jul 10, 2011
Horsham, West Sussex
I hope for the best for your mum and you AG on a difficult day, hugs xxx

I would be letting them know that you will have a very close eye on your mum's welfare from the word go.


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Aug 8, 2012
I hope for the best for your mum and you AG on a difficult day, hugs xxx

I would be letting them know that you will have a very close eye on your mum's welfare from the word go.
Thanks Dazmum, I intend to! I'm ready with my determined face!

The managers are husband and wife and the wife is a nurse. I'm hoping this means it is in their best interests to make the place work well...


Sue J

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Dec 9, 2009
Dear AG

Thinking of you as you make this journey with your Mum. I hope and pray it will be a place where she will feel safe and understood and that you too can be at peace knowing they will do their very best to meet her needs.



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Dec 15, 2012
Hi Anongirl
I really hope the move goes well for your mum

I guess I've been fortunate with dad's home - I've found the staff are the key - I made a point of getting to know their names and chatting to them so that they see that in my mind we are a team supporting dad - I ask any questions I have, just as and when and they ask me about dad - I say hello to them every visit when I arrive and ask how dad is, so they have a chance to update me - and I tell them anything I notice
I've also got to know the names of the other residents and say hello to them too, and have a 'chat' if that is appropriate (you learn pretty quickly how each resident is)
after all, the care home is now my dad's home and I want him and everyone else who lives and works there to feel as safe and comfortable as possible
This has paid dividends as the manager and staff know they can contact me and tell me exactly what a situation is - and there have been a few challenging moments - they know I will support them, but that I also expect good care for dad - and I can tell that they got to know dad quickly and have real insight into his particular needs - and, actually, I know they do care about him as the man he is, not just as 'anonymous'

very best wishes


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Oct 18, 2013
British Isles
Hope today hasn't been too sad for you and that your Mum looked content with her new bedroom. I'm sure the staff there will make an extra special effort to make her feel secure and at home.

You've done your very best for her, it's all you can do. Now be kind to yourself.