And I'm having a bad day as well!!!


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Nov 7, 2004
Fed-up to the back teeth with everything today. Can't see Mum till Monday morning cos police had an emergency. Mum's ok so that's fine.

I went for a job interview today - didn't get that.

Had a reply back from the Bishop of Liverpool as I had complained about something, but he didn't even address my complaint so I've sent another one back.

My budgeting loan has been refused so I'm up the creek without a paddle.

I'm living off digestive biscuits, Ryvita and orange juice at present.

I'm tired, pi**ed off, hot, hungry and sat at my mates typing this up while everyone downstairs has been eating and not been offered anything.

My case is getting me down as the end is so far off.

Life is a BAS*ARD today.

And my depressive friend told me all about her problems for 45 minutes on Monday but when I came to tell her I could see mum she said she "Couldn't care less" I put the phone down on her. Selfish!!!!!!!!

Oh yes and I've no petrol in my car.

If you hear someone screaming later and banging their head against a brick wall it'll be me.

Sorry but that's the way I feel and no-one listens.
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Mar 7, 2004
Shakey, we are all listening here on TP. I do hope that even just typing your thought and frustrations is helpful to you in some way.

Stay strong, you have come so far. My prayers are with you, Connie

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