An Eventful Day


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Mar 27, 2008
Hi all,

Alan's passport arrived this lunch time by special delivery!!
I am so pleased but I don't think Alan understands what a passport is.

Also an Occupational Therapist came this afternoon for the first time to assess whether they can offer any useful service to Alan. They said they could and from now on they will come once a week for an hour to help Alan in any way they can in order to try to maintain the best quality of life for as long as possible.

I am delighted but again I don't think Alan really understands what it is all about. We'll let him have the experience and we can then monitor whether Alan finds it helpful/enjoyable or not.

Alan is back to his normal self but tonight I am exhausted!!

Love to you all.



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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Helen

thanks for your update[it is always good to have help offered.

I don't think Alan understands what a passport is.
in which case he is probably in very good company - I think someone said that over 50% of the citizens of the USA don't have a passport.

[why would they need one, they have such a large and beautiful country!]

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Helen

It`s as well to see what the Occupational Therapist can offer. I wish Dhiren would have taken the offer up when it was made to us.

Whether it helps or not, at least you will have tried. Also Alan will have contact and interaction with someone other than you, another person who is there for his benefit.

And you are exhausted because you are trying all the time to understand Alan`s dementia. It takes some doing.

I hope you both will be able to make full use of this Passport.

Love xx


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Mar 27, 2008
Hi Bruce and Sylvia

Dear Bruce, if England wasn't so grey and wet we wouldn't need a passport either because there are some beautiful places here. However, I and all my family, just adore continental weather and light. I would have never thought 50% of Americans might not have a passport - that's a massive percentage.

Dear Sylvia, I think you are right about me being exhausted because of trying to understand - especially as it's an impossible task? I am learning every day, especially now that I can access TP, and learn about myself too. I am beginning to realise that when Alan has his off days, I work too hard. He loses things, I have to find them. He needs me a lot more and I need to be available. I understand him less, so I concentrate more. Even at the passport interview, I realise just how exhausting it was for me but I didn't realise at the time. This is a new understanding for me. The knowledge is useful because I can try to plan a little around known events. For example, when the Occupational Therapist comes next week, I presume that afterwards Alan will be more tired than usual. Hence I will make sure that I have minimal clients, have meals ready prepared, and just generally find ways to rest.

Love and best wishes


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