An Automatic Toilet?


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May 14, 2006
I've just seen an advert for an "Automatic Toilet which automatically flushes, washes and dries you," and I can't stop giggling about the thought of some poor old lady or gentleman finding themselves being sprayed and blow dried, when they are not expecting it.
Seriously though, some people with AD are terrified of water and an aid like this would terrify them. I'm sure the gadget is very expensive and I wonder how useful it would actually be in practice, as assistance may be needed to get to the toilet in the first place.
My Mum paid a lot of money for a walk-in bath, but she struggled to close the door because of the seal, so a walk-in shower would have been easier for her and a fraction of the price.
Maybe I'm just being cynical, but I wonder if some of these mobility companies are exploiting vulnerable people rather than helping them. Perhaps an automatic toilet would be useful for some people, but for many it would just be an unnecessary expense and more trouble than it is worth. It might be worth getting some professional advice before investing a lot of money on some of these disability aids.


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Dec 27, 2004
I Think These Toilets Are More For Physicaly Disabled Rather Than Mentaly Disabled , I Did Look Into Buying One Myself When Things Got Difficult, But Was Advised By The Attendant At The Disability Showroom ,not To Buy One He Said They Were Ok For Anyone With Loose Bowels Otherwise Not So Good ,he Also Advised Against The Walk In Bath ,as You Have To Sit In Them As The Dirty Water Drains Away , I Was Thankfull For His Advise This Would Have Been A Waste Of Money For Me On Both Counts Also Because Within 6 Months, Jim Was Unable To Get Up Stairs At All.i Had Gone For The Walk In Shower Room , But All To Late For Him . My Neghbour Recently Had The Bath Fitted , But Her Mother Is Unable To Close It So Is Not Being Used Within Weeks Of Installing.

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Norman, the PC phrase amongst ladies of my age is 'having a tropical moment' ;) :D

I'm with you all the way ... Cornwall last year I discovered the soap/water/air systems in public loos ...... (strictly for washing hands!!!! :eek: ) ... great 'environmentally friendly and hygienic idea'..... except after a few days (not that I was purposely checking out all the public loos, you understand!), discovered that most systems had broken down to some degree or other ..... best you could hope for was a dribble of water ... and then a flurry of women fighting to get back to a cubicle for some 'loo roll' to dry their hands on - and discard where? - coz there were no waste bins needed in theory .... what a mess!!!!

Kayla ..... - how far is 'automatic' automatic on these things - what about timing???? :eek: I'm not sure about elderly or AD users of 'automatic toilets' .... thought strikes fear into ME!!!!!

Karen, x

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Nov 2, 2003
My parents had one of these toilets installed when they renovated their house (abroad) in the late sixties: it looks and works like an ordinary WC, but if you sit on it and lean back against a horizontal bar, the 'jet system' gets activated, which showers your nether regions with warm water for a given amount of time, then the warm air blow-dries you ...... luxurious and certainly hygienic, if you like that sort of thing. I am far too impatient.
(Great fun for the inquisitive type who puts pressure on the rim with their hands, whilst pressing the bar at the back to find out what happens!)

As a new installation for a person with dementia it probably wouldn't be much good, since I can't imagine how they could grasp the idea......

These toilets are obviously not a very modern invention - I wonder whether it is the cost that has stopped them from becoming more popular?

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