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Sep 7, 2012
Well, you set the ball rolling there Sylvia!! :) I followed your link to buy it then thought 'I don't want to wait'... son is in respite for the night, so I wandered to Netflix (Peter was out, browsing motorbike shops in Newcastle)....
found out the Wii in the lounge connects to the internet and Xbox in boys room.....
Got them all connected, signed up to Netflix...has Amour on it's play list....

Peter has come home, he's DELIGHTED...he is watching all of the back series of '24' on the kindle and I have a laptop, Ipod, desktop, notebook as well as THE BIG TV IN THE LOUNGE.... to watch this thought provoking film on!

Thank you:) I'm about to watch it xxx


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Mar 24, 2012
I will have to wait and see if it's on the tv as I get films and never watch them I have 4 that haven't even been opened, I am full of good intentions but cannot concentrate on a full film,

Jeany x


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Mar 2, 2012
Funny I was about to watch on netflix last night but was outnumbered by husband and teenage son-definitely not his cup of tea. I am looking forward to watching it tonight.
I have already a french man's opinion on it and read the reviews so will be interesting to see what we all think.


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Sep 7, 2012
A powerful film indeed Sylvia.
Understated, quiet, incredibly moving.
A love story of the kitchen sink variety, the best kind....real life.
The fact that they're elderly retired music professors living in a chic Parisian apartment is by the by.....it could be anyone, anywhere..... I loved it.

I wasn't sure about the significance of the pigeon but my wonderings about it might spoil the film for others so I won't say anything other than perhaps it was a because Georges was stretched to the end of his tether.
Without doubt I will watch it again, thanks for the recommendation Sylvia.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Thanks Gwen.

You are right, it`s not fair to discuss it yet when others still haven`t seen it.

You touched on one aspect Helen and I saw with different eyes, the pigeon. She saw a significance related to reported experiences, especially here on TP, but because I have never regarded it as significant, I didn`t.

We shall become masters of the cryptic comment Gwen and as others see the film I hope they join in.