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Am I imagining things or could he have dementia

Jun 22, 2022
Hi, my husband turns 50 next month. His behaviour is changing. He’s always been conflict seeking but is now quite aggressive. He pushed me out of the way in a recent argument, which he’s never done before. I hadn’t really done anything other than moan about some papers he messed up, his reaction was huge, and I was absolutely deserving of it according to him, he didn’t care how much it upset me. He can loose his temper at home but usually puts up with anything at work, however recently he got right up in someone’s face then burst out crying. He is forgetting some conversations but not many. However he seems to forget very famous faces, like Pamela Anderson. Lately he wants to have sex in the middle of the night, 4 or 5am. He gets cross when I say no like I’m the one being unreasonable. He seems to have lost empathy for others, but not always. Can someone tell me am I adding 2 & 2 together and getting 5, thinking it could be dementia.? Or could he just be having a mid life crisis and a bit of depression? How on earth do I approach getting him checked out? There is a lot of dementia in his family. Thank you


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Aug 31, 2003
Welcome to the forum.

I’m so sorry to read about the difficulties you’re facing just now. It must be really worrying. I know it might not be easy but could you persuade him to go to the GP for a general health check up? You could perhaps write to his GP and note your concerns prior to the appointment. It may not be dementia but whatever it is it needs to be checked out.

This was posted on the forum elsewhere this morning and might be of help -


Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Or could he just be having a mid life crisis and a bit of depression?

This is what I thought about my husband @Worried about my husband. He was older than yours, but I thought he might be turning into grumpy old man or we were getting on each other's nerves or the marriage was in difficulties.

It took me a long time to seek medical advice and I wish I`d done it sooner, I could have saved both of us a lot of misunderstandings.

Keep a log of all worrying behaviours and take it to your GP. They will find a way [ hopefully ] of getting your husband assessed. I know things have changed a lot with face to face appointments with doctors so the sooner you try, the better.

If you don`t have much success, please keep trying.


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Mar 2, 2017
If his GP is receptive to the idea, perhaps he can invite your husband for a "routine health check". This could be explained as something that happens as patients are nearing 50. Give the GP as much information as you can and they can then take the lead in deciding what the check should cover. Whether it is dementia or something else, getting in early will give you the opportunity to find out what is causing the changed behaviour and make plans for dealing with it.
Jun 22, 2022
Thank you @Izzy @Grannie G @northumbrian_k

I think I will definitely pre meet his GP, and discuss my concerns. He is struggling hugely with sleep right now so I think if I get him to look at that he will be open and I have an opportunity to investigate more, thank you, I so hope I’m wrong xxxx really appreciate you taking the time xx

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