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Alzhiemers versus irresponsible Government


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Apr 3, 2006
Hi - just to let you know I have sent the following to Tory Leader, Local MPs in Scotland and Local MPs in Bradford (where my parents are).

Will let you know if I get any response. I have updated the wording since the last thread - have a look if you like.



I am wanting to raise the profile on the plight of Alzheimer sufferers and their carers. We are currently under a Government that appears to give with the right hand and take with its left. Not only do sufferers and carers have to deal with the emotional turmoil brought about by this horrible terminal illness but they also face many financial concerns and often find their loved ones in a position where they are not receiving the level of continuing care that the law states should be made available. As a member of the Alzheimers Organisation I urge you to pay a visit to some of the forums where you can listen first hand to the plights of carers and sufferers to understand the real issues out there.

Many carers (and not only those caring for Alzheimer sufferers) have to give up full time work to provide 24 hour care because they are unable to rely on public services for adequate assistance. The few services that are received, such as day centres and drop in meetings, are serviced by the kind hearts of many volunteers – without whom the plight for carers and sufferers would be made even more unbearable. However, not everyone is able to access these facilities as they can be few and far between and in most cases unable to cope with demand – which is growing!

The majority of Alzheimer sufferers (and all those other poor souls who need care due to equally distressing debilities) have worked hard throughout their lives, paid their dues in taxes and contributed positively to society. As a nation we should feel immense shame that in their time of need (when they should be able to enjoy the rewards of all that hard work) the Government does not provide the level of financial support and care that befits these individuals. Instead, they choose to take away homes to pay for an under funded care service (which most certainly is not the fault of those who entrusted their hard earned tax to the Government in the first place).

A Government whose fiscal policy takes away from the vulnerable to compensate for shortfalls they have created elsewhere is shocking. Perhaps even more disturbing are the current methods used to assess individual requirements – not it would seem based on level of care required to provide the deserved quality of life you would expect – but instead based on financial capability of public services.

I feel particular vehemence against the current system we have for Alzheimer sufferers, their plight is made all the more difficult because of two main issues 1) the majority of sufferers are elderly (excepting the early on-set sufferers – which is an issue I will address later) and 2) Alzhiemers is an often misunderstood disease and carries a dreadful social stigma. We already are aware that the elderly do not always receive the care that befits a long time contributor to our society but couple that with a misunderstood disease and the results can be catastrophic.

As for those unfortunate individuals that have early on-set Alzhiemers well then the system really does not know how to cope as Alzhiemers is often viewed as only a disease of the elderly. The age of sufferers can range dramatically and can even effect those under 50 years old – through lack of understanding, and again resource, are forced into care systems populated mainly by elderly citizens – not the most conducive place to provide care as the needs of the younger individual can differ dramatically.

Regardless of age we should have a system in place that provides the required level of support for those who wish to keep their loved ones at home and maintain their independence, whilst for those who are in later stages of the disease the public services should be able to provide continuing care and a quality of life that everyone deserves. All of this should be available without plundering assets that have been accumulated through hard work, after already paying taxes, and should certainly not take away the right of individuals to choose how they use their assets in the future.

To sum up, we currently have a Government (and perhaps sadly a society in part) that continues to ignore the plight of the vulnerable. Working hard and contributing to society are ethics that many of us stand by, however, it would seem that this ethos is not recognised by the Government, for we can now expect to be exploited in the future when we need the help of the public services the most. We need a responsible Government and a responsible society. What do you propose to address these issues?


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Apr 26, 2006
I support you wholeheartedly and congratulate you on the timeliness of your post i.e the local elections.

As one forced to downsize to half day working, the drop in salary is frigthening and means dipping into capital saved for my retirement, just another worry and a bit more stress.

Within my job description are the words " frequent business trips throughout the UK and wherever the Company requests". I cannot fulfill the job description because of my home comittments and am lucky to belong to an organisation which understands this, but it's a bit more stress.

Finding centres for day care and somewhere for Jean to stay whilst I'm away (this is referred to as respite by the unforgiving Soc.Sec who believe I am going away on holiday, not to work) is difficult and frustrating.

I applaud your campaign and will assist where I can.