Alzhiemers Linked To Social Isolation


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Jan 10, 2007
Did anyone read the news article today about AD being linked to social isolation in a US study? It was really interesting, you can find it on the BBC news website.

I was beginning to wonder if that had contributed to mum's decline. I am an only child and my family and I spent seven years abroad, returning in 2004. She only saw us once or twice a year and never had any friends or other relations to speak of. She made the best of things and was fit and well enough to go shopping etc, but she did develop obsessive rituals in her daily routine, I am sure this was due to a lack of distraction and stimulation. I wonder if this was the start of her AD.

Has anyone had similar experiences?



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Feb 28, 2005
west mids
Hi Jo,
I hadnt seen that article, but goodnes it rang bells!
My mum has always been been introverted and as a result shunned any form of social contact. She has got three close friends but has never sociallised in any way, refusing meals out, parties, holidays etc.
Her daily routine after retirement consisted of shopping and obsessive cleaning, and after chores were done would sit in the quiet, no TV or radio to stimulate her.
She has also always been chronically depressed which the psychiatrist feels has most likely contributed to her AD.
Makes you wonder?

Ally xx


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Sep 1, 2006
social isolation

mum has always been depressed throughout her life and was not particularly sociable only with family really. I think this disease starts much earlier than people know and I think this is what makes people lonely, ( I have to say this -that mum was quite self-centred and did not consider other people too much even when younger, so really other people were a bit put off by this attitude and also she lacked confidence in social situations.) Perhaps this was really the start of the disease! certainly I have heard from quite a few people that depression is quite a feature in their relatives that later developed dementia. When I think back now over many years, I can see things in mum now that began long long ago.


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May 20, 2006
North East
My mum was always very sociable before AD got hold of her. She played bowls, had a large circle of friends and her and Dad were both from large families.

The fact that she hated being in a large crowd was one of the first things that we started noticing about her. Even when all the family were together, we would find her sat in her bedroom unable to cope with it all.



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Jan 30, 2007
South Buckinghamshire
Don't go with this at all in my Mum's case

My mum has always been on the lookout for her next adventure. When youngshe had her own social clubs, went dancing with my Dad, and bowls. Only a year ago she was on a cruise.

Our biggest problem at the moment is that she has now realised that that is all over. Certainly no social isolation there. Just the opposite.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
If Ad is linked to loneliness and isolation, there's not much hope for those of us caring for a partner!


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Mar 7, 2004
Today's headline in the Daily Mail is:

"Alzheimer link to a diet high in bad fats"...............not much hope for any of us.

Yet I confess..........I have the paper delivered every day. What does that say about me?


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Oops! Chocolate cream eggs again!

I buy it every day too (but only for the Sudoku, I'm an addict!). But I have to walk for mine, so does the exercise cancel out the chocolate?

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