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Alzheimers site slow - sticking???

Michael E

Registered User
Apr 14, 2005
Ronda Spain
A few times recently the site has been 'off' - either would not load or if in it - the refresh or new post would not load - pretty sure it is the site as when immediately I check by going to Yachting Monthly forum it opens at once,,,, Not very computer literate so could be my end but............


Linda Mc

Registered User
Jul 3, 2005
Nr Mold
I too have been having problems for some days at first I thought it was my computer but it's not!! :eek:

Let's hope whatever the problem is it is soon sorted out.



Registered User
Oct 28, 2005
Cambridgeshire UK

Yes, I've had problems too Michael, it's been slow or nothing has happened at all when I've gone into it. Thought it was my computer!



Registered User
Jun 3, 2005
Me too

And I thought "it must be me" as well; relax Michael, it seems 'your end' is OK after all. :p

Perhaps Craig could tell us if there is something going on behind the scenes.
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Registered User
Jan 31, 2004
near London
Yes, it has been slower than usual for me too, of late.

I've been low on disk space so blamed that, but I put a new 120 gig drive in yesterday, and the speed has not changed much.

Brucie story:

in 1982, when I was first experimenting with PCs, before the IBM PC was released over here, I was evaluating a 'PC'- the DEC Rainbow - that had been donated to my Director and the computer was based on the same Intel chip as the IBM, the Intel 8088. The system had 64k of RAM and only a single 5.25" floppy drive, and I enquired about the cost of a 5 megabyte hard disk upgrade [yes, five megabytes, the most you could get then]. The cost was £2,500, just for the drive.

The 120 gigabyte drive I bought this week was £57 [about the cost of a petrol fill-up for the car], and I could have got it cheaper if I had shopped around.

Just shows what progress has been made.


Registered User
Mar 7, 2004
Brucie, what would we do without you?

However to the unititated, yes the forum has been a little slow of late, so what do we do..........don't talk to me of"megabytes, Rainbows and intels"......you should know what an ignoramus I am...........anyway, can't cope with anything at present, just hoping you can help all us 'ignoramuses'out there....................
really wish I has your IT background. Thanks, love Connie


Registered User
Mar 16, 2005
Perhaps just too many hits on the site? If we could all just start typing a little slower, that may help.... ;)

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Everything`s very slow today. Any reason? I`m waiting at least 15 seconds for a change over but it seems like eternity.

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