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Alzheimer's care in Sri Lanka


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Jan 6, 2015
Dear Members,
My grandmother has been diagnosed with dementia and having spent her childhood in Sri Lanka, she is considering moving into an assisted living facility there. Would other members consider relocating to obtain dementia care outside of the UK?


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Jan 30, 2009
Having worked in a hospital in Sri Lanka briefly and seen the conditions compared with the ones here I would have reservations on that score. However, having met the nurses and doctors there and many other people and knowing the climate and the beauty of the place I would say yes without hesitation. ( and I didn't spend my time in luxury hotels)
I am assuming this would be a place in the countryside and not city centre?

I am probably romanticising things in my head a bit.

Is there any chance you can get over there and check it out?
Does she have any close family over there and has she visited in the last few years?

How would you feel about her being so far away?