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Alzheimer Glowers 'Glow-2'

To all Carers,

Last year a lady in Nova Scotia Canada and me, in Vancouver Canada, through the Canada Alzheimer’s Forum got together and decided we needed to shed some light on the efforts of Primary Care Givers (Carers).

We came up with the Alzheimer Glowers. We have dedicated 8 PM (your time) on October 1st of every year to celebrate and remember the hundreds of thousands of Carers and loved ones around the world. 2006 is the 100th anniversary of Dr. Alois Alzheimer discovering the plaques and tangle traits of Alzheimer’s disease.

I hope you will join us here in Canada and around the world and turn on a string of your multi coloured Christmas lights on either a porch, a fence, a tree, anywhere you can put one string of lights up and turn them on at 8 PM (your time) on October 1st – to help illuminate on our struggles and those of our loved ones.

Every small light bulb takes away the darkness of dementias and shows the multifaceted challenges we all face as Carers and loved ones with dementia.

We join our hearts and hands across the land and sea – let each of us together light the world!

To have a look at last years ‘Glow-1’ go to www.freewebs.com/alzheimerglowers

I would love photos sent to me on the above site alzheimerglowers@lycos.com of ‘your’ lights reflecting ‘your care giving efforts’ that you have turned on this October 1st.

Thank you!
Jennifer Sierra

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Jennifer (Moderator)
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