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Already had an EPA


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Dec 17, 2018
I had lots of trouble securing a power of attorney for my father back in 2018 when he became increasingly unwell with his Alzheimers. I just found out that my mother and father both attended the same solicitors I went to in 2018 back in 2007 and had two separate EPA documents drawn up and kept on file at the solicitors office.
I had no recollection myself of signing the document as it was so long ago and I know neither my father or mother really understood what it was they were getting with this EPA. Im writing this as ofc I am very annoyed that the same solicitor firm took money twice for a power of attorney without telling us he already had one from back in 2007 and that it was stored in their office!


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Feb 27, 2018
Bear in mind EPA only covers finance. So to cover Health and Welfare, you would also need an LPA (that assumes you did both a finance and a H&W LPA of course).