Allied Homecare - late care workers

Chris Edgerton

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Oct 22, 2003
Warwick District
In Warwickshire a new company for care provided by the local services has emerged.

A number of people using this companys services have had problems.

CLICK HERE for a link to our local news paper item on this subject.

Another example would be a person who has help in the morning to get ready to go to a day center - the care worker comes late and messes up the whole day the the cared for and thier partner.

Does any one out their have dealings with this company?


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
It is an interesting situation and I think Nada has taken the right line on it.

When I first joined TP I wanted to post a similar message, but in praise of Jan's nursing home. I suggested we might keep a directory of good places on TP.

Nada warned against this as, for a start, things can change over time. A good place now may experence a change of ownership and staff, and become hell on earth next week.

Likewise, someone may experience problems with an organisation and warn off people who might benefit from it at some time in the future.

In other situations, it is not unknown for familes and carers to be problematic in their own right, and to make unrealistic demands on services, then create stink when these are not met.

Also, unscrupulous places might post messages in praise of their own services, however bad.

TP is 'owned' by the Alzheimer's Society and as such can neither be seen to recommend, nor to trash, organisations.

With all this uncertainty, it is best to follow Nada's suggestions.....