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New member
Jul 20, 2020
My dad has always enjoyed a drink but now it seems to have taken over and the minute my mum turns her back he will top up his glass. It’s so hard to tell him that he can’t have another drink and the only time he is really happy is when he has his first gin and tonic in the evening but he won’t be satisfied with just one . I know that you’ll probably advise to not have any alcohol in the house but I just wondered if an increase in alcohol intake was something to do with dementia or is it simply he’s an alcoholic?


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
Alcohol doesn't tend to go well with dementia and the many problems associated with it have been discussed over the years. I have taken part in those discussions but am glad to say that it isn't such an issue with my wife these days.

Many things have been tried like low alcohol substitutes or watering down drinks and these tactics can have limited success. My wife was also good at sneaking a drink when I was out of view.

If you use the search facility you may be able to find the old threads and get some useful information.

I wish you luck as I know my heart was broken by the alcohol issue.

I can't fix it

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Jan 30, 2020
Hi Stella18

Similar problem with my Mum - as we did all her shopping, we diluted the gin bottle with water, 'forgot' to buy the brandy or could only get the litle mini-bottles for some strange reason - Mum agreed it was very strange but was just happy to have her drinks . . . Mum is a functioning alcoholic (suspected dementia mobility sight & hearing issues) in a CH now so we take in mini-bottles of brandy, marked with the day of the week, so she can have one per day. Doctor's advice was not to stop her drinking all togther as was putting her more at risk than allowing a little.

With Dad (vascular dementia) it was much easier as his choice of drink was red wine. Although his shopping method had always been to look at the alchol percentage befor purchasing any bottle, we replaced with Schlore (apoogies if misspelt!) and he was happy as anything.

Good luck to you all


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Some people with dementia who are not alcoholics are subconsciously trying to self-medicate for the anxiety which often goes with dementia. I wonder if your dad is sundowning (a period of increased confusion late afternoon/evening and at night) @Stella18 and this is why he is so keen on drinking then?


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Oct 21, 2019
What about removing all drink.
Each lunchtime put two of the gin and tonic ready mix tins in the fridge ?
When they have gone they have gone?
Lots of potential problems which this idea, but it’s something else to try ?
Also up the budget on non alcoholic alternatives so plenty of appealing choice?