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Feb 13, 2007
This is my first post. My mother has been in residential accomodation for several months. Recently she has been more challenging but I had a phonecall today to say she had hit another resident. I was very upset and appologised but I would like to know know if anyone has any suggestions to help her feel more at ease whith the other residents and avoid further confrontations. The manager just says it's o.k. but she needs to report the assault My mother has always been a private person and I know this is not the best accommodation solution but I tried having her living with me and she was very hostile to me. Thanks
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Feb 17, 2006
My mother use to be like that towards me at the begging of her AZ , but then she was put on the medication for late AZ Exbixa (sp) and it settle down , don’t really have any good advice , but am sure someone will pop in with some good tips and advice

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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Andy,
The NH has to report to you, but it was not a criticism, it was a formality.

It`s very difficult for you to think of your mother as an agressive person, but this change in character could have a number of causes and it`s virtually impossible to work out the main cause.

When my mother became a bit agressive, I tried to sit with her, amongst other residents, and chat to them too. The loss of social skills does nothing to help interaction between residents, but if they see you being `friendly` towards them it could help.

I hope so. Sylvia x

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