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After 2 serious bumps to head dad talking sense!!


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Oct 31, 2014
Well what can I say. After yesterday's post, two visits to hospital in two days, poor Dad black and blue after falling twice, he is talking very coherently!! He actually asked me if I could get him two of his favourite tea cakes and described then in detail, with ham and pickle then asked how my son was. I nearly fell off my chair. Considering he can not normally string a sentence together and what he does say makes no sense, it was a jaw dropping moment. Once again on returning from the NH I google to see what comes up. Some of it not happy reading I hasten to add. What an incredibly difficult journey this illness is for all family members. I just hope that he is able to retain happy memories of his previous life before becoming ill. X


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Sep 7, 2012
Glad he is feeling better and he's yet more proof (as if it were needed) that life force is the strongest imperative.

Look fragile, as strong as the Store Horse. :)


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Aug 24, 2013
When you get one of these "moments of clarity" you do have to wonder if it's not all still there but they just can access it not, that as conventional wisdom has it that the brain is being destroyed. My wife can sometimes be her "old self" quite randomly like the AZ just went away, sadly, it's not that often it happens but when it does as you say "it was a jaw dropping moment". One day when someone figures out how the human brain works then maybe we'll find out why it happens and it might not be what we accept as "conventional wisdom" at present, in fact we could end up looking as daft as the people who once used to stick leeches on people to cure them.
I wonder if anyone's ever researched the moments of clarity and could explain how they can happen. I guess that what some on here call "hostess mode" is an example of it. How nice you were there to see it and share the moment.


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Jun 4, 2010
West Midlands
That's one for your "happy memories" book. Ok not the bumping of the head, but the fact you were able to "meet up" with your dad again. Bitter sweet, but lovely moment.

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