Advocacy Service


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Jun 27, 2006
Tina - although there's absolutely nothing wrong with this link, are you aware that it it's linking to a LGBT support site? I'm just wondering if that was the link you meant to put in.


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Sep 27, 2006
Not sure what the site you mentioned is but I think the best advice for our members is - there is help out there, perhaps not as much as I had hoped from this particular website. I was in a bit of a stew a couple of weeks ago about taking on a Mental Health Tribunal all by myself to try to get Ken off the Section 3. I was very lucky in that I pursuaded the Consultant to do this without having to resort to the Tribunal. But, and it is a big but, I was petrified of going down that route. I knew I needed help but I didn't know what to do or where to find help.

Now I have got myself onto a few local and regional meetings and am getting to 'network' a little I have discovered, just in my own area, a wealth of help which I didn't know exisited!! I found out about advocacy simply by networking. If it is in my area and a very good service it seems to be for us all, I'm sure it must be in other areas. I thought this site might help but I must admit it didn't link me into any regional/local help which is available for all areas. Perhaps PALS which is a patient complaint organisation based in local hospitals may be a good route for anyone who needs advocacy. PALS are only concerned with problems arising from being an in patient but I'm sure they could put someone in touch with the Advocacy Service in their area.

The Advocacy Service run in my area is funded by lottery monies and local sponsorship. It covers all aspects of legal help for both general mental health and dementia problems, not just in hospital but covering community care in all its forms as well. In my area it is called 'Mental Health Advocacy in the Community'. They can help with accessing benefits such as completing DLA forms, Carers Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit forms and putting a case for you to tribunals etc. They will also accompany and support you if you need to attend meetings regarding care issues. It is staffed by both paid workers and a few volunteers. From the posts we read almost every day on our site, it seems to be a service which could be of great benefit and I only hope that there is a country wide network for us to use. I also put in the words Mental Health Advocacy and got a few worthwhile sites from my search engine.

The problem for most carers is that they are too busy caring and haven't the time nor the inclination or energy to 'network'. Why is it so hard to find local help - it is out there but we just can't get to know about it when we need it!