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Advise required on health care


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Dec 8, 2015
Hi all thanks for accepting me into this forum. Feel like this will be the start of many many posts :( my gran is currently being tested however today she had routine visit from a social worker to set up a care package who seemed to know her diagnosis? She told my gran who is now very anxious and paranoid everyone is talking about her. It took us ages for her to gain the trust of doctors and now she feels they have betrayed her as it was a social worker rather than a doctor telling her this news. Question to you all did the social worker have any authority to tell her? If not i will lodge a complaint i feel like she has set us all back months with her slippery tongue. I'd appreciate any feedback especially from you amazing health care providers. If I've over reacted i would appreciate being told.
Thanks kindly,


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Nov 9, 2009
Hi Kitty, welcome to Talking Point, so sorry you seem to have gone one step forwards with getting a care package put in place for gran and two steps backwards with what may be a too direct approach from her social worker, however unless one of the family were there to hear what was said,maybe gran misheard? alas visits from "strangers" asking ️lots of questions can be upsetting, her doctor could be contacted to just inform them that this visit has been upsetting and it has affected her health and could they help? they may be able to reassure your gran.
Take care


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Jul 14, 2006
Hi Kitty and welcome to Talking Point.

Life is never easy when dealing with dementia. After diagnosis we were given a CPN who visited every six months to test my husband and that was it. Year 6 when serious problems surfaced we were given a Social Worker. Having a Social Worker assigned so soon will be a great bonus for you, but so sad it has upset your Gran. A Good Social Worker will be your best friend when trying to get help.

Hopefully Gran will settle down and the Social Worker gets a good care package sorted to help you and your Gran.
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Apr 24, 2013
My guess is that the social worker has said something like "People are concerned about your welfare" which she interprets as they are all talking about her. It's not easy dealing withe fantastical world of dementia but you have to try to work with the social workers and CPNs if you're going to make progress.


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Dec 8, 2015
Thank you all for your kind replies. I was anxious when posting last night. Apologies if i didn't make much sense. Someone else was present at the visit and didn't think much of this woman either. My gran didn't understand why the social worker had came in as she was due to see a doctor and got confused, asked why she was in her house and why was she in need of this care
The sw reply was "oh you've been diagnosed with..." this was the first time anyone had heard any diagnosis left without leaving so much as a leaflet only a contact number in case of emergency. She thinks her doctor is going round telling the world and the sw was just a person who popped in :( Now i can understand this is trailing times, i understand we can be upset and interpret people as cold when they are not really and i do understand sw see a lot of people and cannot be emotional attached to all of them BUT surely her treatment was uncalled for? Do i have a right to complain? Surely it should be a doctor diagnosing not a sw? I'm very angry this situation is very stressful for my gran and yesterday made it 100 times worse! Thanks again


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