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Apr 17, 2008
southampton hants
Hello There,

Can anybody offer advice please regarding NHS Continuing Care? What is the best way to apply? My mum has had 3 months in hospital having her dementia assessed and we are told that she will need 24 hour care at home, or will need to go into Residential Care.

Am I right in thinking that she is not means tested when we apply for continuing care? Also, how do we know if she's eligable for it?

Obviously I would want to put our case forward in the best way possible, so any advise would be gratefully received.

Thank you,



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Nov 7, 2004
Hi Sue

NHS Continuing Healthcare is well worth fighting for. You are correct…it is not means tested but you stop being able to claim things like attendance allowance. You still get you standard pension. The monthly payments are probable as much as you earn, and much more than your mum earned.

Unfortunately the only time you are likely to get an assessment without asking is when you have to move from hospital into a NH. There must be many people in other situations who qualify. You should get help from SS or the manager of the NH, or your doctor or ask at the hospital. Don’t let your mum be moved from hospital until you have had an assessment.

It must be better to get a professional to apply for you but if this fails contact your local PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Services) for the address of the NHS Continuing Healthcare department at you local NHS Primary Care Trust, and apply yourself.

There is no point in wasting your time so to see if you will cross the first hurdle go to the following link and download “The Check List” (final version Sept 2007).

Within the document you have downloaded is a chart with 11 health domains (areas).
If you can honestly put TWO ticks in column A, or FIVE ticks in column B you should definitely ask for an assessment.

Once you have applied, go and look at the “Decision Support Tool” (same web address) to see the more detailed tick list that will be used by the Continuing Healthcare department to assess the information they collect from your GP, hospital, NH etc. (same web address). To get a payment you probable need to get at least one Severe and several High domains.

The NHS are only interested in healthcare issues. You need to prove that your mum has a complex health problem that is unstable and unpredictable. That she has multiple needs covering many health domains that require regular support.

To get NHS Continuing Healthcare is difficult but not impossible. It is paid to people in EMI Residential Homes as well as NH and in your own home.

To stand a chance you must apply. In mums case it took me 18 months to get the result we wanted.

Best wishes


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