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Jan 6, 2005
Thank you to the creators of this forum here is my first post on here.

My Father is currently in hopsital in Hastings Sussex due to his proggresive dementia as a family we all feel terrible things have got to this level. And he is now undergoing tests /CT scan etc.

My Mother & Father recently moved to Sussex from Kent and it has also highlighted it has not proven succesful to both their health being so far away from the family.

The advice/opinions I am seeking is that I would much prefer them both to be back nearer the family and hopefully in the near future they will be back.
Will the care services reject my father for care due to him moving out the area? He is obviously our priority and this concerns me in the future.


Hello, Mat and welcome to TP.

In the past, so many doctors and other carers have taken a large intake of breath when I talked about taking Mum on holiday/moving house or any other form of relocation. An AD sufferer becomes very disorientated when this happens and, like you and your Dad, I did witness this happening to Mum.

The care services cannot negate their responsibility simply because of relocation, so don't worry about that. What it does mean however is a lot of duplicated donkey work by your family. Speak to your parents' GP and his current support worker would be my suggestion in the first instance to establish the current state of play and for guidance on the way forward. The treatment decided following his current assessment will have to continue under another health authority so check that his requirements will be met.

I think it is a good idea that if possible the nearer the family are the better, so that visits are easier and support for other family members is available. It is far more of a worry when you feel isolated from the problem especially if you are a caring person, as you so obviously are.

Take care of yourself, too


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Matt, welcome to TP. I feel much the same as Chesca, if there are problems and you wish to visit often, it makes sense if your parents are near to you. Our Nada is brilliant at pointing out the directions etc. and how things are in the SS and NHS so I will leave it to her to give specific info. In the meantime, I do hope things improve and are soon less stressful for you all, and I hope we here at TP will be able to provide you with a place to sound things out or let off a bit of steam. Love She. XX


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Mar 16, 2004
Hi Mat,

Nada is right as regards residential care but if it was homecare you were after the same rules would still apply - a good social worker will communicate with the social worker in the old borough to organise a move back 'home'. If your Mum and Dad are moving house, no borough can stop that but it would be good to have support systems in place before not after the move for obvious reasons.
Legally, if someone is classed as a vulnerable adult they are entitled to services no matter where they live or where they have come from if they are UK citizens.

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