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Advice selling jointly owned property


New member
Aug 4, 2019
Hi i was wondering if anyone could help.

My nan and grandad own a property as tenants in common. Unfortunately my grandad has vascular dementia and alzheimers and is now in a care home. My nan therefore wants to sell the house and downsize and where she is now has too many memories for her.

However, they did not make lasting powers of attorney.

I understand that she will need to apply someone such as my mum to become a deputy but will she also need to appoint someone to become a trustee to act on my grandad's behalf?

Also, she wants to purchase a new property out of the sale proceeds. Can this be done or will she have to keep my grandad's share in a bank account for him and only use her half of the sale proceeds?

Hope what I am asking makes sense.

Many thanks


Volunteer Moderator
Dec 15, 2012
hello @kjo91
welcome to DTP
as I understand it, you are right ... a Deputy will be needed, and when the application is made be sure to include that the Deputy will be involved in the sale of a property
it is generally acceptable that a spouse can downsize/move and use part of the person in care's share of the sale to buy the new property, as long as both names are on the deeds of the new property and your granddad has half of any proceeds left over ... you may be wise to check in your particular situation with your grandparents' Local Authority and with the OPG
the Legal and Financial section of the main AS site may have useful info


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Jun 19, 2021
My folks have to get valued and likely sell two fields they jointly own because my father is now in respite care (actually ended) but about to go into longer term care. Is there anyway we can further protect our property infrastructure from the finance department, my father had to go in we could not cope with the violence aggression and sundowning anymore we stuck it out for 15.5 months? They are not adjoined to the bungalow, but a lane separates the two fields from my parents bungalow? Also I suffer with M.E. and live with my parents, the finance department have said my ESA payment would not be suffice to cover me with a roof over my head property disregard, if say my mother died or needed to go into care herself?