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Advice please....


Registered User
Jul 24, 2015
Hi all, I've just joined so very new to this!

My Dad has been through the first meeting for CHC, we are now waiting for the social worker meeting. My Mom is extremely worried about the financial questions she will be asked. My Sister and I pay for my dads nursing home at the moment, my Mom has her home that she once shared with my Dad and minimal savings. Will they make her use any of this? Also will my dads pension be used.




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May 22, 2015
Just thought I would pop by and say Hi and welcome!! I am sure there are people on here who will give you advice so I'm bumping your thread up. Lots of people with all sorts of experience of such things so good luck and I'm sure someone will come on shortly and help you. Xx


Volunteer Moderator
Jul 14, 2006

The house will be disregarded as your Mum needs to live there. If your Dad's assets are low then the LA will step in but your Dad will have to use his state pension and half of any private pension as his contribution to care costs. If he is receiving attendance allowance this will cease. Only your Dad's assets will be taken into account in a financial assessment.


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May 20, 2009
If however your Dad is funding himself, then attendance allowance will continue.
You are under no obligation to fund your Dads care.