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advice please


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Jun 25, 2014
north wales
advice needed please, my o/h has just had assessment as needing a e.m.i nursing bed in care home and I would like us to move near to our family this is no problem for nursing bed as there is none in area where we live so nearest is over 50 mls away so easier to go by family where bed is available, now for problem in selling house, I have applies for l.p.a to courts just waiting for it to go through, when it does can I use all the money I sell house for to buy another house in area by o/h nursing home. he is going into nursing home under 117 so is being fully funded thank you for any help spree

Miss shiraz

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Dec 24, 2014
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Aug 3, 2010
South Ribble
I am sure that you can. I moved my self funding mum from one county 150 miles away to my county. Good luck with it all. I think it's a good idea - it worked well for me and enabled me to care much better.


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Feb 14, 2012
Mid Wales
not sure, but my Dad was in residential care, fully funded by ss and mum wanted to sell up and move here to be nearer me, myself and Mum had LPA, Mum was only allowed half of the value of selling and Dad was given half. Their house was ex council and not worth a lot so it basiacally meant Mum came out with 20k once all the selling was done, Dad then had to pay an amount towards his care as he then had savings, it wasnt much though. Mum got a council pensioners bungalow as there was nowhere near enough to buy anywhere......