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Chris B

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Aug 14, 2007
:confused: Today I found your site, 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Frontal Lobe Dementia, the initial shock is wearing off, of course I knew that something was not quite right but I'm 52 our youngest daughter will be leaving home next year and we thought that the rest of our lives were going to be our own to have all those adventures in that we had put on hold. How did you start to get a grip on things when you were first diagnosed? if you can give me any advice I'd be grateful. I want to get as much sorted while I can still do it on my own. Thanks Chris


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Chris, welcome to TP. I'm so glad you have found this forum, it will provide you with a huge amount of advice and support.

I'm so sorry you've been diagnosed at such a young age. It's tragic at any age, of course, but young-onset cases are especially hard. You and your wife had so much to look forward to together.

But there will still be good times, and the best advice I can give you is to do as much together as you can. Plan those adventures for now, rather than next year, that way you will be building up treasured memories.

I'm not sure how much information you want at the moment. There will be wills and power of attorney to sort out, but for the moment you need time to assimilate.

Perhaps you could contact your local branch of Alzheimer's Society, there will be support group meetings that you could join.

If you want information, click the factsheet icon at the top left of the page, there is information about anything you need to know. This one may interest you.

And post on here whenever you want. Ask any questions, and if you just need support you will find it here.

All the best,


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Mar 7, 2004
Hi Chris, sorry that you had to look for support, but so glad that you found us.

On TP you will come across one of the most caring, good natured, compassionate group of people.

Please post whenever you have a query and someone will endeavor to come up with an answer - but for now our Norman's words "Day by day" fit the bill.


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Mar 21, 2003
Hi Chris,

Not sure if you have a local branch Chris, but I know that our local alzheimers branch in richmond / barnes runs sessions and meetings for people who have recently been diagnosed. Just a chance to meet up and discuss coping with diagnosis and exchanging information. Perhaps your local branch runs something similar. Just a thought.

You can get contact details of the kent branch at:

Hopefully others will jump in with more specific experiences. But welcome to talking point and I hope we can help in some way.

Kindest Regards

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Welcome to TP, Chris.

I`m so sorry you have been diagnosed at such a young age. It`s enoigh for those of us already retired to have to re-arrange our lives and forego our plans, but even more painful for those still working.

There are several local AS branches in Kent, I do hope there is one within easy access for you.

Give yourself time to adjust to the news, two weeks is not long enough. Make the most of every day and use TP to your own advantage. You will find support, information, understanding and friendship on this site. It has been a lifeline to us all.

Take care

Love xx