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advice please


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Mar 12, 2018
thank you @Helly68 its going to feel weird being pushed around after using my scooter
It is odd, I never got used to being in a wheelchair when I had to, but scooter access is often not that good. I sympathise with your issues around access. Before COVID and home working, I became access and parking bore. Lifts being broken and lack of parking (or having my car damaged) were my daily issues working in Hackney. It is so annoying when you have other things to think about.
I really hope people start waking up to the idea that people with age related conditions and disabilities are carers. We often have no choice or choose to in spite of disability. I am always amazed at those who assume I couldn't be a carer. My sister lives abroad and I live close to my Dad. What do they think is going to happen? I can't lift him, but thank god he does not need that yet....


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Mar 15, 2020
hes gone as he has to pick up another member in the taxi and im just going to slob out until its time to get ready. put some music on and do some more of the babys cardi. no jobs to do so this will be bliss. as long as i dont go falling asleep.