advice please!!!!!


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Mar 14, 2008
Hi everyone. Joined last week after Mum newly diagnosed. Has taken few days to get back on an even keel but now feel more rational. Thanks to all for supportive messaqes.

Now have so many questions. Mum lives alone more than 100 miles away. We first noticed short term memory problems about 3 years ago. Mum has gone from being an outgoing sociable lady with a love of the Arts to living a lonely reclusive lifestyle. She has cut herself off from most friends and spends every day alone. She has no interest in her appearance and hates changing her clothes. Food has become very important to her. Is this "normal"?

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Blodders.

I wouldn`t say it is `normal` but I would say it seems to happen to many sufferers we hear about on the Forum.

There are so many varies of dementia and probably a similar number of changes in behaviour. The loss of confidence and self esteem lead to loss of social skills. The loss of communication skills makes it more difficult to socialize in even a small group. One to one is about manageable.

Food is one remaining pleasure, for some, not all, as long as appetite and taste buds stay healthy.