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Advice Please regarding medication for Alzheimers

SARC Golf Widow

New member
Jan 21, 2022
I realise that my husband is still reasonably well, only diagnosed 6 months ago with late onset Alzheimer’s. He is 85. I noticed a change in him 5 years ago and assumed it was old age forgetfulness. However after a brain scan in January 2021 there was a change in his brain size and was informed on the internet, conversation with consultant that he has Alzheimers.

My question is: has anyone any suggestions about suitable medication and if he takes medication how do we know that it has slowed down the disease? We have tried two types already but the first gave him upset tummy and the second seemed to change his agility?
Any thoughts would be very welcome as I am thinking of trialing medication again with him, its a responsibility.


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Oct 18, 2019
My husband who is also relatively well was given Memantine - I was told that was the only one he could have as he has a slight heart problem - made it easy for me as no decisions about what to take. He has not had any side effects with it but he does seem to not be affected by drugs - he had chemo and radiotherapy for cancer. with no adverse side effects. Unfortunately I've no idea if it is slowing his Alzheimers - he is not noticeably deteriorating but he has changed very gradually even before taking any medication. All I can say is it might be worth a try if available and not tried before. I hope you find something but if not it sounds as though his progression is quite slow anyway and I understand the effects of all the drugs often only last a few months anyway. It may not be worth struggling with the side effects. In some ways it is good for the consultant to offer choices but I usually ask what they would do if it was their relative - even after reading all about it there are so many unknowns that it is difficult to make a judgement yourself. Not sure if this is helpful but I hope you find something appropriate for your husband.

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