advice please---aricept problems


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Apr 11, 2008

terry has been on aricept for 4 weeks at 5mg and one week on 10mg
the improvement was amazing up until the last couple of days,I can,t put my finger on what is wrong, he just doesn,t seem right
lethargic,vague and just out of sorts

Do you think this is related to the drug or just a blip.

I don,t want to overeact.has anyone else experienced similar symptons
thank you


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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Jan,
Unfortunately, we are not medically equipt to give advice other than contacting the Consultant/Doctor who prescribed the Aricept.
Perhaps later someone will come on line and correct me.
Best wishes

Margaret W

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Apr 28, 2007
North Derbyshire
Hi Jan

Sorry, not a clue. Aricept seems to have stabilised mum. Not sure what strength she is on, have it written down somwhere on a bit of paper that I cannot find.

I wouldn't suggest that it is just a blip, if he is out of sorts I think I would ask for the GP to visit and determine any possible cause of his state.

Just wonder why they increased the dose of Aricept - what was the reason, and were any additional side-effects discussed with you?




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Mar 23, 2008
coast of texas
same game.....

Looking back through my diary I looked at when mom was taking aricept. The first month it did wonders and then she was increased and from my notes it lookes like she may have been lethargic for the next 2 weeks then levelled out. I don't know if aricept is one of those drugs that keep getting stepped up. I would suggest keeping a diary of what is going on and consulting with the dr. Moms dr. made me carry thru....but then in the long run when she was on it she was much better.


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Mar 21, 2003
I'll second both the diary idea and getting some professional advice. This may be influenced by other medication, the dose or the time that the aricept is taken.

Dad was on aricept for three/four years and I have no recollection of it making him lethargic or indeed any other problems. However, over the years I have seen a few members whos loved ones have reacted badly to aricept (agitated etc).

Good luck!


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Apr 11, 2008
Thank you very much for replies,

The hospital didn,t explain why they were increasing dosage, but I was in a state of shock because that was the first time AD had been mentioned.

So I may have missed some of the instructions.I am trying to keep a set pattern to food and tablets,because I find that terry gets anxious and although i now hide the tablets,he had managed to find them and double dose one day last week.

But on the whole,he is so much better I just need to back off and relax I think.
thanks again

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Jan.

You are bound to be anxious, especially following the shock of hearing about AD for the first time.

I have to hide all medication as my husband will take mine as well as his if it`s left out.

If you feel you did not take in what was said at Terry`s diagnosis, there would be no harm in contacting the doctor again just for reassurance.

And don`t hesitate to use Talking Point [TP] for any help and support you need.

Love xx


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Mar 21, 2003
But on the whole,he is so much better I just need to back off and relax I think.
Sound advice on relaxing. As sylvia says it is hard not be anxious at this stage as it is a lot to take in. But taking time to take things in and relax yourself is important.

As far as medication goes, I'd highly recommend using a tablet dispenser eg. "7 Day Pill tablet medication Dispenser". We used on at home as both mum and dad where on medications and they use them in most homes. Helps avoid confusion during the week for anyone.

There are many available if you google the above. Very cheap ones on ebay if you are into it.

Please keep coming back to ask questions or indeed just to offload a little ;-)

Hope that helps

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