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Advice on selling property/ managing money


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Jan 8, 2015
Hello TP

Im in need of some advice, mums now permenatly in a CH and my dad is living in there family 3 bedroom home. My mums condition is worsening and dads also becoming more unwell. He had open heart surgery last October and suffers from
Chronic heart disease, he seems to have got even worse over the last couple off weeks which have resulted in several trips to the A and E department. My brother and I are becoming increasingly worried about him being alone in the house. He's quite a stubborn man who doesn't like to accept help and were both worried that he's really going to hurt himself if he continues to stay in the house.

My brother and I are thinking about discussing selling the house and moving him to some accommodation that's smaller or that has help on hand. This whole situation is a complete mind boggle for us as I know my dad is very protective of his house and his money. Where would I get the most appropriate advice and help in regards to making the process easy, also convincing my dad that it's the right thing to do. He's worried about losing everything he's built up especially now mums not coming home.

Any advice would be fantastic

Cheryl x

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