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Advice on moving dad to sheltered


New member
Oct 29, 2018
my dad has dementia. I will shortly be moving him into sheltered accommodation, as he needs more support however I’m worried that he won’t remember that he’s moved. He goes out most days to the pub. He will be moving a couple of miles from current flat, but to an area that he grew up in so is familiar with. Any tips on how I can make sure he gets to his new home every day?


Registered User
Nov 9, 2009
Hi Deb, a warm welcome to Talking Point, it's great that your dad will have more support from living in sheltered accommodation,and understand your concerns that he may probably be disorientated on where his new home is, am guessing this is warden controlled? maybe it will be good to have a chat with whoever is in charge, also his local pub as well,you can also get a tracker for him which may give you peace of mind..it's such a worry at this early stage..herewith a link which may be of help..https://www.alzproducts.co.uk/dementia-wandering-prevention-alzheimers/gps-locators-trackers