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Advice on likely costs please for year one caring for my Mum


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Jan 14, 2022
Good afternoon. My Mum was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's in December and is now on medication. She is independent, just having trouble learning new things and remembering them.

I am planning ahead and wondered if anyone could give me some advice on what I am likely to need to buy / pay for in this first year. I thought people may have some advice on what they found useful in the early stages and if there are any expenses I may not have thought of.

It is early days for me learning to care for Mum so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you and best wishes.


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Oct 27, 2016
Welcome to the forum and others will be along soon with better advice
However, do you have lasting power of attorney for finances and health?
Is your mother claiming attendance allowance, is she living on her own? Are you thinking of carers? Council tax reduction, if appropriate? Has your mum had a needs assessment from social services?
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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Its really difficult to generalise because people progress at different speeds, have different needs, different social support and are diagnosed at different stages.

I know you want to be proactive, but dementia doesnt do proactive, Im afraid. You might plan for something that never happens and then get blind sided by something no-one considered. Im afraid that you have to be flexible instead and sort out problems as they arise.

You can sort out various admin type things now, though, and I recommend that you do- POA, make sure she has a will, apply for Attendance Allowance (and Council Tax disregard once she has that) and things like that.

You might want to have a look at other threads to see what might happen and what has been suggested if it does, but not everything that you read about will happen to you/your mum. Dementia doesnt do certainties.


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Apr 1, 2016
Hi @anita08 and welcome from me too

I think in the very early stages your mum will be able to carry on pretty much as normal but you will eventually notice her start to struggle more with familiar tasks.

I agree with @canary that you really can’t plan ahead very much. Look out for things like your mum struggling to take her medication correctly - I think this is one of the most common early problems. If you notice her struggling with anything then coming here and finding out what others have tried will give you some good ideas to try and see what works for your mum.

You’ve been given good advice by Canary and @Rosettastone57 . It’s best to get those things sorted asap.


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Apr 13, 2018
Hi @anita08 and welcome to Dementia Talking Point. This is a very friendly and helpful community and you'll get lots of help and advice here.
I don't know if this link will be of use to you, but I hope it gives you some idea of what is out there.

Have you sorted out Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)? If you haven't now is the time to do so. My mother, who flatly refused to engage with any appointments regarding dementia was happy to allow my brother and I to be her attorney's for LPA as a friend had told her what a good idea it was.

As for other things to do, covid has curtailed a lot of activities that were happening but it may well be worth searching around to see what is out there. This might be a good starting point https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/find-support-near-you, but there will also be information on your local council pages too.
It might also be a good time to introduce a cleaner or some other help around the house just to get your mum used to the idea. Age UK have a Help at home service that, if it runs in your area, might be useful. The don't do personal care but could provide someone to help with shopping, house work etc or just to go out for a coffee and a chat.


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Nov 6, 2008
Hello @anita08 and a warm welcome to DTP from me also.
You have been given some good advice by other members the only thing I would suggest is that you organise POA ready for the future if needed..
Now you have found the forum I hope you will continue to post for support and to share your experiences.

Violet Jane

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Aug 23, 2021
As others have said, there are no certainties with Alzheimer’s Disease except that it is progressive.

Have you noticed your mother struggling with any aspects of day to day living? Apart from remembering to take medication correctly some things that people with dementia struggle with in the early stages are remembering appointments, understanding money and problem-solving at a basic level. These things might not be much of a problem if the person lives with someone but they become a problem early on if s/he lives alone.

My mother had a care package of two visits a day put in place as soon as she was diagnosed as she was struggling to cope. That might not be necessary if your mother is managing and / or you live close by.