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Advice needed!!!!


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Aug 24, 2017
Hello! All you wonderful, beautiful and brave people,
My name is Esha and I am new to this forum even though from time to time have read through threads for advice and encouragement.

My Father has been suffering from Alzheimer's since the last 4 years and has been in a care home for almost 2 years now. Initially he was diagnosed very late partly due to his denial that something was wrong with him and partly due to the GP's response. He was and still is prescribed Anti-Psychotics and depressants. He was given other medication to slow down the dementia but unfortunately these had adverse behavioral effects (which we were told could happen to a small percentage of patients) so they had to be stopped. He declined quite rapidly after being diagnosed and it became impossible for my mother to take care of him at home due to his very aggressive, agitated and restless behaviour. He would be verbally abusive and start shouting at her for no apparent reason. She has many health issues herself.

I won't to go into the details but it was an absolute challenge to get the Social Services involved at the beginning and then a struggle throughout the whole procedure to shift my father to a care home. Collectively we were going through a rough time as it was but having to face the SS as well was very draining to say the least.

Now come present day..... my father has deteriorated further becoming physically abusive, extremely agitated, always on the move, hallucinating, only sleeping after complete exhaustion and refusing to take his meds. The psychiatric team has been involved since he became physically abusive and have changed meds and dosages on a number of occassion's but without any affect. The wonderful care home staff are concerned about the safety of their residents as well as my father. They have contacted the social service once again and have requested on urgent basis to transfer him to an Adult investigative facility where he will be monitored 24/7 and examined by professionals to rule out any possibilities of physical health problems (as some patients can behave like this due to an underlying issue and get better after it has been resolved) in addition to sort out the meds. The social services have refused to move him declaring that it is not their decision passing the baton to the doctor, that the doctor should be making this decision.

I want to know if anyone else has ever been in this situation and what course of action was taken?? As I am in unknown territory and do not want to become a yo yo in this scenario?

Would very much appreciate any help and advice.
God Bless All


Volunteer Moderator
Dec 15, 2012
hello @Esha
welcome to posting on DTP
what a tough time your father and your family are having
I am surprised at Adult Services' response, though maybe that is the protocol
are you able to contact the Psychiatric Team and ask that they make a referral

maybe tomorrow have a chat with one of the advisors on the helpline so you can talk to someone in real time


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Aug 24, 2017
Thank you for your help and advice Shedrech. Very much appreciated. God Bless.

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