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Advice needed please

Kate P

Registered User
Jul 6, 2007
Well what a palaver Friday night was.

Dad asked me to take mum shopping for some new clothes - she has put on an awful lot of weight and none of her clothes fit her anymore. My sister and I decided to do this together as we thought it would be easier.

The first problem we encountered that we hadn't considered was that mum doesn't know the difference between yes and no anymore.

Do you like this jumper
Are you sure

Five minutes later:

Are you going to pay for this jumper?
NO, NO. NO!!!

Cue a major tantrum in the middle of BHS!!:eek:

Luckily as we both have toddlers, tantrums in a public place is nothing new so we just put the jumper back and waited until she'd finished then went to a different shop. We tried just letting her wander and see if she would take any interest in anything herself but she didn't - it was like she just didn't see anything around her. So we tried prompting her again but she had another tantrum when we said she needed size 16 clothes and wouldn't try on or buy anything in that size.

What to do? I wondered if we just bought stuff and once a week swapped a new item for an old item would she notice? I think she probably would as she seems to have developed a weird attachment to certain clothes.

We gave up in the end and took her for tea - she pointed to lasagne on the menu which we ordered and as is the way in restaurants it came piping hot and bubbling. Mum just started spooning it in - it mus have burnt the hell out of her mouth but she didn't seem to be noticing - every now and again she flinched but that was about it. We kept trying to stop her and get her to blow on it first but she just didn't seem to know what we meant.

As you may remember I mentioned that mum's breath smells terrible at the moment and I'm wondering if this is why - could she have burnt it?


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Oct 20, 2004

My Mum has also put on a lot of weight and I took her shopping.

She has also developed an attachment to certain clothes (wearing the same thing again and again, Dad continually re-washing clothes).

I found that telling her a top/trousers that we saw would look lovely with one of the items of clothing she's attached to seemed to work. We didn't try anything on (too much for her). It was a slow process but we did manage to get her to take a few things. I also had her money to pay for it (rather than having to get Mum to take her purse out.....which she just won't do).

Mum thinks she's a size 18 which presents some problems as she's now a 22!!! Again I find that lifting both an 18 and 22 seems acceptable and then sneaking one of them back again works. Unfortunately I'm creating work for shop staff by sneaking them into parts of the shop that they shouldn't be in.....but what can you do!