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Advice needed please re CHC Funding Application

Discussion in 'Legal and financial issues' started by Fluffycat, May 9, 2018.

  1. Fluffycat

    Fluffycat Registered User

    Jun 23, 2015
    Hi Everyone,
    This is my first post and wondering if I can ask for advice as feeling somewhat out of my depth today.
    I have had a call from CHC Assesor today to say that they are considering Mum for CHC funding and invited me to a meeting next week.
    She called to see Mum yesterday apparently and viewed her notes
    Mum is 92, vascular dementia/ Alzheimer’s and has been in Nursing Home for 4 years - is FNC funded at present.
    Care Home tell me that Mum now has ‘High Needs.’
    My question is Can anyone advise on what I need to know to prepare for this meeting - where I can find relevant information etc. Starting to panic - I hate not being prepared!
    I would be very grateful for any help. TIA
  2. Kevinl

    Kevinl Registered User

    Aug 24, 2013
    Welcome to TP
    There's a long running thread where we've tried to consolidate all the CHC issues started by Stanleypj on the link below, please read it and see what you think your chances of success are.
    What defines "high needs" is variable but; immobile, doubly incontinent, needs to be fed, unable to recognise people or their environment, unable to remember their name or understand the simplest of questions don't qualify, they're defined as social not medical needs.
    I can't believe a woman who is in care with wife this lady is bedbound with a catheter, on oxygen and needing constant nursing attention, when I asked if the home manager if they'd applied for CHC told me "we don't bother anymore". This was a friendly chat with the care home manager as we had a cigarette by the bins (so off the record) and she said a few years ago half of the residents got CHC now they don't even apply, but they will support families who do apply "for what that's worth" implying little chance of success.
    Out of interest why di the CHC assessor call you, who made contact with them? The fact they did sounds promising though usually you have to contact them, many, many times first.

  3. Joyceydaughter

    Joyceydaughter Registered User

    Jan 2, 2013
    My Mother 89, vascular dementia & Alzheimer's, 4.5 years in Home. I asked for initial Checklist to be done. I had meeting with CHC Assessor last week, much to my amazement he has told me Mum is eligible for funding, but I await official confirmation. I received an appointment and leaftlets in which it gives details of the Decision Support Tool. I went through this as there are various categories of need in each of the 12 domains. The 12th not relevant to my Mum. This is for eg patients on dialysis or similar needs. Look on line for the Decision Support Tool.

    Stand your ground and good luck. Joyceydaughter
  4. Joyceydaughter

    Joyceydaughter Registered User

    Jan 2, 2013
    BTW Mum only had one category as Severe, which was cognition. 4 High, 4 Moderate, 1 No need, and 1 Low

  5. Joyceydaughter

    Joyceydaughter Registered User

    Jan 2, 2013
    BTW You need the DST for national framework for nhs continuing care and nhs funded nursing care, this is under one heading.

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