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Advice needed - Doctors Appointment


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Jun 2, 2015
Can anyone advise the best way to get my mom to the doctors, without upsetting her, I have asked her see her doctor as she was not herself, she made an appointment then cancelled it.

As a family we have notice a decline in mom's behaviour, all of a sudden turning agressive, loss of memory, forgetting what she was going to say next, becoming very vacant, getting worse in the last 6 month.

My father will not suggest the doctors as he is afraid of her reaction to him. Mom says her forgetfulness is due to her age (65).

Any suggestions really appreciated.


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Nov 8, 2012
What about your dad suggesting that they both go in for general health check ups or blood pressure checks or something? If your dad could pre-warn the GP of the problem, then he/she could take the opportunity of 'having a chat' with your mum.