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  1. Chamonixgirl

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    Aug 11, 2015
    West Midlands
    Hi All,
    We have a review meeting regarding my father-in-law tomorrow. He was sectioned under Section 2 MHA 7 weeks ago because he was getting aggresive in his CH. He was subsequently moved onto a Section 3. He went to a psychiatric unit 40 miles away for assessment (no beds round here) and was then moved (not our choice) last week to another psychiatric unit more local.
    In the 7 weeks he has had 3 general hospital admissions for infections which are sorted now. During this last 7 weeks he has deteriotated so much. He is barely mobile (mostly with a wheelchair), does not talk, often refuses food. When he opens his eyes he doesn't focus at all and has a vacant look. He doesn't recognise us.
    I'm worried that tomorrow they'll want us to find a nursing home for him. But he has very challenging behaviour. He has a catheter and keeps trying to pull it out. He doesn't like personal care and is very strong in resisting it - it took 4 people at the weekend to clean him up after he soiled himself (I think he might be doubly incontinent now or moving that way). The unit where he is has him under 1:1 supervision because of his behaviour. Can a nursing home ever offer that? I'm so afraid they will rush us into a decision and that a NH isn't really the right place for him. Also does anyone have any knowledge of Section 117 funding? I have read that once a patient is on a Section 3 all their future care is funded, but I'm also sure I read that some authorities are trying to get out of it.
  2. Patricia Alice

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    Mar 2, 2015

    I cannot help with advice regarding funding.

    My mum was kicked out of residential demential 2 weeks ago because they said she had challenging behaviour. We have had to move her to dementia nursing. This home has two sections one for lower category (like my mum) and one for higher category (possibly like your dad). Because it is nursing they have far more staff and do a lot more interactions. Have you been advised by your social worker to apply for CHC (Continuing Health Care funding). We have been put forward by mum's CPN and will find out this week if we are eligible.

    I am sure someone on here will be able to advise you regarding funding.

    Good luck
  3. RosiePop

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    Mar 21, 2015
    Dear Chamonixgirl, an dear friend of mine (58) with advanced dementia was displaying challenging behaviour. She was asked to leave her dementia specialist care home as a result. We were very disappointed by this because we had been told that as it had three levels of care she could stay until the end.

    She was sectioned ( under section 3) and sent to a psychiatric unit for assessment. After three months they recommended three alternative specialist dementia care homes. They are all lovely.

    Again we were surprised as we didn't understand what would be different to the first one. Her behaviour hasn't improved that much. The Consultant said it is just the attitude of the manager.

    She is about to move to our first choice. As she is under section 3 we have been told she will be fully funded.

    Fingers crossed for her and your dad.
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    My husband is in a nursing home specialising in challenging behaviour. When he first went to the nursing home three years ago he was given 1:1 care 24 hours a day. This was reduced to 12 hours a day as he progressed and now the 1:1 has gone altogether because he is only out of bed for two hours a day and is no longer mobile. He receives CHC funding.

    The challenging behaviour is managed by staff who are specially trained and I can't praise them enough with how they manage the difficult ones, nothing stops them caring.

    These homes are few and far between but they do exist.

    Oh sorry I forgot to say welcome to Talking Point.

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