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Admission to a Care Home and the paperwork


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Jan 9, 2021
Mum has had to go into residential care as she can no longer care for herself due to the deterioration of her dementia. Initially she went into one care home for respite care. However it was more geared up to later stage dementia and she was very unhappy there. She is now in a different care home as a permanent resident and she has been there for approx five weeks. She seems happier there although not entirely comfortable with the situation she finds herself in. However despite my asking the care home manager whether we need to enter into a contract for Mum`s residency, nothing has materialised and we simply receive a monthly invoice for her fees. We get minimal information from the care home about anything - apart from Covid. As Mum is a relatively new resident what sort of information should we receive? Ironically the first care home required me to enter into a contract on Mum`s behalf even though it was just for respite care.


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Nov 1, 2016
When my mum first went into a care home, paid for by the government Covid fund as she was discharged from a hospital, I was sent an information pack from the home which contained a copy of the contract as well as various other pieces of useful information. I did not sign the contract, the section with the fees on was not filled in but it was very useful to read. Once the funds payments ceased, I was sent another copy of the contract with the fees clearly listed, an invoice for the funds owing ( it did take them a few weeks to get the paperwork to me so fees were outstanding) and a direct debit mandate. I then signed this contract.

I think you should have a contract, how can you be sure what the fees cover and what the extra, sundry items are going to be? As well as setting up direct debit for the fees, I set up a direct debit for a small monthly amount to pay for mums daily newspaper, hairdresser, chiropodist, dentist etc.

Have you asked for a copy of the contract? It did take the management company a while to process the paperwork but we were not expected to pay the fees until they did. It meant we owed over £11,000 by then but we knew the details so the money was ready to be transferred.

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