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Apr 23, 2006
I have seen a number of posts describing an Alzheimer's Befriender. How do you get one of these? It seems obvious but is it just a question of contacting your local society. By the way my mum has now stopped looking after herself, not bothering to eat properly, goes to bed early, and cries a lot. Is on medication for depression but it doesn't seem to be working. Dad is still in the assessment unit and is NEVER coming back to the house to live but mum is convinced he is. Every time she visits she asks different members of staff "when can I take him home" and every time the answer is the same "he's not coming home" which of course upsets her, then she forgets and then the next day asks the same question again. Sorry I seem to have strayed off the path a bit. Is there anyone out there who knows if there is some sort of test children can have to see if they will be prone to AD as it now appears to be well and truly in the family?

Dad did not even know it was Father's Day even though we all gave cards which he told us to take back with us.

Hope to hear from someone soon.




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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Pixie,
Sorry mum is struggling so, it must be so difficult for you to watch both your parents suffering.
I have had no experience, but I would contact the local AD Society and ask them if they had any volunteer visitors.
Don't know about the tests either - but would you want to know, as at the moment there is nothing that any of us can do about it? I think(?) some forms of early onset show a hereditary pattern, but that is all.
Love Helen


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Jul 2, 2005


We have two befrienders supplied by Alz Support, who I gather cover areas of the country where there is not a local Alz Society. They are absolutely wonderful - come in, chat to my husband and will do things like dragging him off for a haircut.

He is getting increasingly reluctant to leave the comfort zone of home, and while I do take him out to do things which he usually eventually enjoys, even if he can't remember anything about them later, it does frazzle me, and he often makes a fuss in advance. I can't help feeling he should have some outside stimulation, so it is really good to know that they are going to appear and either chat here or suggest a walk or something that he is far less likely to get in a strop about with them than me.

If you can find one, I am sure you will find it worthwhile