Acts of aggression


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Jul 2, 2006
Newport, Gwent
I can only give my experience with mum, her violent outbursts, compared to others didn’t seem to last that long, the verbal aggression has however continued.

When she was at her worst during the violent ‘stage’, like most times, totally no reasoning with her, so I gave up trying, and I go with the flow.

However, when she was in hospital recently following the heart attack, she required a blood transfusion. Whilst the doctor was putting the needle in, she was so terrified I was cuddling her close to me, and bless her she was pinching my arms so very hard, I said to her, mum your pinching me, and to my surprise, she said “I’m so sorry” and stopped!! In months gone by, whilst in the process of throwing all sorts at me, I said during one of these incidents, mum if you hit me with that, you will hurt me, she threw it anyway!!

I have tried so very hard to stop trying to work out what upsets her and make her aggressive, it just hurts so much to think that it could be fear and I cannot make it better for her.