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Activities that can Prevent/Postpone Dementia


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Aug 26, 2015
I wanted to share some news on dementia, particularly an incident that occurred with my cousin. My cousin's mother who is currently 61 recently started showing symptoms of Dementia. These included faulty reasoning, judgement impairment, memory loss, inappropriate behaviour, loss of communication skills, etc (As diagnosed by her neurologist).
As a result, she was asked to do certain activities at her house. These including all those activities that require thinking and imagination like solving puzzles, doing all sorts of art and craft activities and even play video games and surf on internet. Now this might sound too good to be true but according to my cousin, my aunt started to show signs of regaining her memory. He obviously tried to research more online regarding this and he sent me this link which I would like to share with everyone http://www.freepressjournal.in/art-and-craft-activities-can-prevent-dementia/
I do not know how much true this is but I would suggest that for anyone who is diagnosed with every stages of dementia, they should practice the above mentioned activities. There is no guarantee that these activities would actually prevent dementia but they sure show some effects on the early stages.