Activities/communicating with Mum


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Feb 14, 2007
Hi all,

My sister and I moved my mother (aged 54) into a Nursing Home in April 2006, and we try to visit her every week or two weeks (I am at University in Exeter, my sister lives in London, our Mum is in Berkshire). I was just wondering if anybody had any tips for what we can do with her when we visit? She has lost most of her language skills, so conversation isn't really an option. We like to go out on walks, but would like other things to do with her. Any advice would be great.




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Mar 16, 2005
Hi Sophie,

Depending on your Mum's physical condition, and if she could play previously of course, you may like to try table tennis . We thought Dad would have lost the skill, but we used to push two tables together at his Home and everyone was amazed at how he could still play rather well.

Best wishes,