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Activating POA

Concerned J

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Jun 15, 2014
Today had to take Mum to a building society as she is having some building work done and needs to pay the builder. I had phoned and told them about Mums Alzheimers and that I would be accompanying her.
However when we got there Mum couldn't sign her name (she simply printed it in capitals) and we were unable to complete the transaction.
Is it time to activate POA? (It's registered and solicitor has original copy)
Do we need a doctors declaration of loss of capacity?
We have POA for finance and health registered


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May 21, 2014
Yes I'd say it is! Make an appointment with the bank. You don't need a doctor's declaration unless that was a stipulation made in the LPA.


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May 9, 2012
south-east London
I may be wrong but I believe that the finance and property POA only requires it to be registered in order for it to be used, it does not need a declaration of incapacity to be made before using it. However, on the health and welfare POA, it can only be used once the donor has lost capacity.