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Acceptance - dad read the book!

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Oct 30, 2012
Hi all,

Feeling a little more positive this week - four weeks after dad's Vascular Dementia diagnosis. I was beginning to think that he'd forgotten about it but so far this week he's called the DVLA (with a little help from me), asked me about POA and 'the future' and the AS book we were given on diagnosis has moved for the first time - and he said it's because he's been reading it!!!

On days like this you'd be forgiven for thinking nothing's wrong and I must remember these days when the inevitable bad days come round again (not looking forward to winter).

I thought it might make a change for me to post something positive for once - I spend enough time venting at you lovely people!



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Jul 6, 2015
That's great. Acceptance in the initial stages will make treatment so much easier to get underway. Best of luck!