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Nov 18, 2006
Hi all

Been some time since i have been on. Mum is now on Aracept and is remaining quite stable, although within the last few months we have noticed a slight deterioration in her memory again, lots of repeating etc. We had a lovely christmas and all seemed good. When they came to me on New Years day dad pulled me to one side and said that mum had asked him where they had been for xmas. She could not remember any of it. He talked her through but then she asked where they went for boxing day. Its so heart wrenching when you think of the lovely time you have had and mum cannot remember any of it. It sometimes seems that this disease knows no bounds. I realise we are so much luckier than some, as mum is receiving medication but it is still so upsetting sometimes.

I hope you all had a good christmas and wish all of you the best for 2008. You are all in my thoughts

Take care
love Maude


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Sep 10, 2005
Hello Maude

Sorry to hear about your mum. I sympathise with you.

My mum spent Christmas with me; we had a lovely time, went out to a few places, she was quieter than last year, but seemed to enjoy herself. On talking to her a couple of days later she said she had a nice Christmas, but couldn't remember any of it. She said: "I wasn't drunk or anything, but it just wasn't exciting and it was such a long time ago." Am not quite sure which Christmas she was thinking about! :)

It is frustrating, but as Nada says, we have to live for the moment and I know that whilst we were actually out and about she was enjoying it - and said so.

Take care.


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Aug 9, 2005
Dear Maude,

You have all my sympathy. I find that, no matter how much I know it will happen, every time Mum forgets something it seems to me like a new shock. Guess I'm not adapting to the illness very well.

On the plus side (if there is one), I got cranky with her the other day - and felt terrible about it for hours after. But next time I spoke to her she had forgotten it ever happened!! Thank goodness for such small mercies! :)


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Apr 15, 2007
Dear Maude,

I know how upsetting this is for you and do sympathise with you. All I think you can do is like Nadia said, enjoy the present. My mum lives mainly in the past and she couldn't comprehend it was Christmas even though she could identify with the tree and decorations. Her summing up of Christmas.... just too lazy to take the decorations down...easier to pretend it was Christmas.

Take Care, best wishes also for 2008 Taffy.


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Nov 18, 2006
thanks all for taking time out to give your support.

You are definately right. Living in the present is the only way and if they enjoy the moment then thats all that matters .

Will stay in touch.
Take care all